IMOL 2023 Event

The 6th Intrinsically Motivated Open-Ended Learning workshop (IMOL 2023) took place at Sorbonne University, Paris, from the 13th to the 15th of September. This event was organized by Stephane Doncieux (Sorbonne Université – ISIR), Georg Martius (University of Tübingen), Sao Mai Nguyen (Ensta, IP Paris), Emre Ugur (Bogazici University) and Johann Huber (Sorbonne Université – ISIR). It was sponsored by PILLAR-robots project and provided significant coverage of its main topics. It gathered more than 70 participants from different research fields including robotics, computer science and psychology. 14 invited talks and 37 posters were presented to highlight different points of view on the workshop topic, from algorithms implemented on real robots to child development studies. A diverse range of approaches were therefore  presented, that rely on the latest machine learning algorithms, in particular Large Language Models, or on models inspired by psychology. The workshop ended with a panel discussion on the questions raised by such approaches, including ethical questions, and on the impact they may have on society. The discussion was moderated by Stephane Doncieux. The panel members were: Gianluca Baldassarre (Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies – CNR), Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (Inria and Univ.Bordeaux), Giada Pistilli (Sorbonne Université – Hugging Face), Stuart Russell (UC Berkeley), Vieri Santucci (Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies – CNR), Laure Soulier (Sorbonne Université – ISIR).