Meet the Consortium

The participants from Universidade da Coruña (UDC) are affiliated with two distinguished groups: the Integrated Group for Engineering Research (GII) and the Laboratory of Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence (LIDIA) within the CITIC research center. 

The team involved in the PILLAR-Robots project has devoted the past two decades to addressing diverse challenges in Cognitive and Intelligent robotics, along with the practical applications of Machine Learning. They approach these issues from a profoundly multidisciplinary perspective. Over the last ten years, they have published over 200 papers and actively participated in numerous conferences and workshops, both as speakers and invited experts. Their collaboration extends to more than 100 projects and contracts with industrial partners. This group also possesses the capability to construct and adapt robots to meet specific needs, including the design of robot morphology, control systems, and cognition.

Specifically, UDC’s focus within the PILLAR-Robots project centers on designing a base cognitive architecture to integrate modules stemming from the various work packages. This endeavor aims to create a cognitive architecture tailored for purposeful intrinsically-motivated open-ended autonomy. UDC will also provide a validation demonstrator in the field of Educational Entertainment (Edutainment), showcasing scenarios enriched by human interaction in social domains. 

Finally, as project leaders, UDC also assumes the responsibilities of project management, coordination, and reporting. This diligent oversight ensures strict adherence to the guidelines established by the Commission, the Grant Agreement, and the Consortium Agreement.

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