PAL Robotics presents PILLAR-Robots at ICRA 2023 conference

PAL Robotics' team at the ICRA 2023 conference discussing the project PILLAR-Robots with the robotic solutions including the latest generation mobile manipulator TIAGo Pro, the AMR ARan, the AI social robot ARI and the biped Kangaroo robot.

ICRA is an annual event that aims to bring together the world’s top academics, researchers, and industry representatives, and this year took place in London, UK. Many important developments in robotics and automation are first presented at ICRA, and 2023 was no exception. 

The robotics conference includes workshops and tutorials, presentations, forums, competitions, and networking events on the state of the art in robotics.  

  • TIAGo Pro Edition the mobile manipulator was on display to demonstrate its torque controllable arms, and state-of-the-art HRI capabilities. 
  • TIAGo the mobile manipulator and collaborative robot demonstrated advanced grasping, including picking objects from a table. The robot also used the ‘Motion Builder’ tool to record motions live as well as Visual Programming, which visitors could try for themselves.
  • A second TIAGo robot demonstrated itself as a compatible ROS 2 platform with ros2_control framework and ROS2 controllers and applications, as well as MoveIt 2 and Navigation 2. 

PAL Robotics’ Senior Scientist Narcís Miguel Baños participated in the workshop ‘Emerging Paradigms for Assistive Robotic Manipulation: Bridging the Gap between Research Labs and the Real World’ which aimed at connecting developers, distributors, and end-users of assistive robots with expert researchers in the field of robotic manipulation to discuss how new and advanced grasp planning and control algorithms, as well as new design paradigms for robotic hands, have the potential to be adopted in assistive applications.