Empower Your Company with PILLAR-Robots: Let’s Collaborate

Are you looking for a collaboration aimed at improving the efficiency of post-harvest fruit and vegetable activities, enriching students’ learning experiences, and enhancing the efficiency of industrial activities? You are in the right place.

The project aims to develop a new generation of robots, called PILLAR-Robots, with a specific purpose decided by unskilled human users. Even if you are not a programmer or a robotics expert, you can easily adapt the PILLAR-Robot to your needs to carry out your activities more efficiently and flexibly.

Based on Purposeful Intrinsically Motivated Open Learning mechanisms, PILLAR-Robots can learn to perform new tasks or improve their skills in existing ones, allowing us to work and learn together with them. The technology of the PILLAR-Robot project has the potential to revolutionize the real world. With your competencies, we can optimize these robots to meet your needs and employ them in three specific areas:

Post-harvest fruit and vegetables: The fruit and vegetable sector is highly competitive and presents a high degree of variability that requires efficient and precise processes for the selection and packaging of fruits and vegetables. The use of PILLAR-Robots, based on autonomous learning, represents the right solution to automate these activities, offering numerous advantages. We can jointly develop a line of innovative and adaptable robots to support post-harvest fruit and vegetable activities.

Edutainment: Learning in schools, as well as guiding in museums, offers a unique opportunity for students to learn about history, culture, and art. However, learning is not free from the level of engagement, which can be improved with the use of innovative and adaptive technologies such as PILLAR-Robots. PILLAR-Robots can recognize such levels, to keep it high, adapting their behavior based on the person they interact with. Numerous benefits can be derived from the use of PILLAR-Robots in educational activities.

Industrial activities: Imagine industrial workplaces with PILLAR robots by your side. These robots can become your partner, tackling dull and risky tasks while you focus on what humans do best—creative problem-solving and big-picture thinking. The beauty of PILLAR robots is their flexibility. You can easily switch their behavior to handle new assignments, working autonomously or collaborating with you. Repetitive and hazardous jobs become robot territory, keeping workers safe and free to use their skills on less risky tasks. Adapting to new situations becomes easier, as PILLAR robots can learn new tricks from the human operator without extensive training for human operators. Collaboration is key!

Let’s build the future of work together! At PILLAR, we are looking for collaborators like you to develop robots tailored to your needs and solve your specific challenges. We envision a future where technology empowers you, not replaces you. Here’s how we collaborate:

Knowledge Exchange: We share our robotics and artificial intelligence expertise, and you bring your company’s problems to the table.

Customizable Solutions: We work together to design robots that help in your company’s activities that perfectly fit your needs.

Bridging the Gap: We’ll help you integrate PILLAR robots seamlessly into your company’s operations.

Want to be part of this exciting journey? If you want to learn more, join our PIMOL community please visit https://pillar-robots.eu/

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