ERF2024 – Workshop on Mobile Manipulation

The PILLAR-Robots project led a successful workshop at the 2024 edition of the European Robotics Forum (ERF) in Rimini – Italy, titled “Mobile Manipulation, Challenges and Opportunities for the Robotics Community”. 

By highlighting the relevance of mobile manipulators, as well as exploring potential synergies with other like-minded initiatives, PILLAR is defining its own project scenarios / use cases, which will also result from fruitful interaction with other scientific projects across the EU.

The workshop, co-organized by PAL Robotics and TU Delft, saw the participation of well-known representatives in the field of mobile manipulation in Europe:

–       Marco Rosa (PAL Robotics) opened the workshop, highlighting the importance of mobile manipulation for robot manufacturers such as PAL Robotics.

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–       Richard Duro (University of A Coruña), the coordinator of the PILLAR-Robots project, introduced the project to the audience. Learn more about the project’s mission, here.

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–       Stephane Doncieux (Sorbonne University) highlighted links and connections between the PILLAR objectives and the euRobin Network of Excellence, in view of the euRobin “coopetition – cooperative competition” which will take place in Nancy, France, 24-26 November 2024, in the context of the Humanoids 2024 Conference. Stephane also highlighted the upcoming industrial application use cases, that will be integral part of the PILLAR project in the next phase.

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–       Georgia Chalvatzaki (TU Darmstadt) introduced to the public the recently started MANIBOT project, which aims to empower bi-manual, mobile, service robots with superior physical capabilities able to perform a wide variety of manipulation tasks, with highly diverse objects, in a human-like manner and performance, in diverse, challenging environments.

–       Lionel Ott (ETH Zurich) presented the HARMONY project, which aims to automate (simple) repetitive tasks, complex multi-step manipulation tasks, operate in unstructured hospital environments, make progress on technical development & human robot interaction.

–       Antonio Franchi (University of Twente and Sapienza University of Rome) introduced a new perspective in the field of aerial manipulation. Antonio emphasized the importance of increasing safety of humans in jobs at height, as well as the need to improve effectiveness and rapidity of dangerous tasks in the air. Both problems can be tackled with efficient use of aerial robotics manipulators.

See the presentation

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion hosted by Javier Alonso Mora (TU Delft) with Francesco Ferro (PAL Robotics), Stephane Doncieux (Sorbonne University), Vieri Giuliano Santucci (CNR), Paulo Alvito (IDMind), Jonas Larsson (ABB).

Given the interest this workshop has sparked in the community, PILLAR-Robots plans to make it an ongoing workshop within ERF, starting at European Robotics Forum 2025, which will take place in Stuttgart, Germany.

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