Meet the Consortium – PAL Robotics

PAL Robotics, based in Barcelona, Spain, is an innovative company in the robotics field, known for its advanced humanoid and service robots designed for a variety of uses in educational, healthcare, and industrial settings.

One of its most popular products is the TIAGo robot, a versatile service robot that comes equipped with capabilities for object manipulation, human interaction, and autonomous navigation. TIAGo is specifically designed to assist in environments that require high adaptability and safety, making it an ideal participant in collaborative workspaces.

In the PILLAR-Robots project, PAL Robotics apply their expertise to enhance how robots interact and cooperate within professional environments. Their involvement focuses on refining the integration of robots like TIAGo to ensure they are both functional and safe for use alongside human workers. PAL Robotics aims to improve the efficiency and safety of human-robot interactions, which is critical for the adoption of robotics in sensitive and dynamic work settings.

The company’s contribution to the PILLAR-Robots project also includes developing software and sensory technologies that enhance the perceptual and interactive capabilities of robots. This technology ensures that robots can understand and respond to their environment more effectively, which is crucial for tasks that involve close human collaboration.

Recently, PAL Robotics has delivered three TIAGo robots to the project partners, for them to start integrating their developments in the robot for the three identified scenarios, bringing the project’s goal one step closer.

Through its commitment to this project, PAL Robotics not only advances the state of robotic technology but also helps pave the way for future innovations where robots are commonplace in everyday work activities. This endeavour not only showcases PAL technical expertise but also underscores its dedication to creating user-friendly robotic systems that can seamlessly integrate into daily operations and enhance productivity and safety in the workplace.

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