Meeting at Athena Research Center

In February, a three-day collaboration meeting was held in Athens, Greece, bringing together teams from Athena RC, Universidade da Coruña, CNR, and AI2Life. This gathering provided a valuable opportunity for the partners to engage in face-to-face discussions on several active topics regarding the PILLAR project. The Athena RC team presented the ongoing work on the development of the visual and multimodal perception modules, and the first key focus was to explore how the definition of purpose would guide these.

Another significant topic was the formulation of grounding scenarios related to the use cases. The teams collaborated to identify relevant scenarios that would showcase the practical applications of the project’s outcomes, according to the three principal use cases of the PILLAR project, allowing the partners to envision how their work would translate into real-world solutions.

Furthermore, the teams collaborated and succeeded in integrating the Smart Attention module into the gazebo simulation environment; this also resulted later in a paper submission to the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2024.

The live setting fostered a collaborative atmosphere, enabling the teams to tackle complex problems and collectively chart the course for the related WPs’ future development.

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