PAL Robotics Delivers TIAGo Robots to PILLAR-Robots Project Partners

We are excited to share a major achievement in the PILLAR-Robots project: the delivery of three TIAGo robots to our project partners. This is a big step in starting their important work.

The TIAGo robot, made by PAL Robotics, is a flexible and powerful platform designed for many uses in both industry and research. Equipped with advanced sensors, flexible arms, and strong software, the robot is excellent for tasks that need movement, human-robot interaction, and smart computing. This versatility makes the platform a perfect fit for the needs of our project partners.

The first partner to receive a TIAGo robot is the University of A Coruña (UDC) in Spain. The team at UDC, from the GII and LIDIA groups at the CITIC research center.. They will deploy the robot for the project edutainment scenario, enhancing TIAGo capabilities in direct iteration with people. 

Sorbonne University, through its Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR), also received a TIAGo robot. ISIR’s research covers robot design, control, signal processing, and cognitive abilities, focusing on robot autonomy and human interaction. The TIAGo platform will support ISIR’s projects in making the robot a good fit in an industry like scenario 

The Athena Research and Innovation Center in Athens also received a TIAGo robot. The Robotics Unit at Athena works on robot perception and interaction, blending robotics, computer vision, speech, and machine learning. They will use the robot to advance their research in creating efficient autonomous systems for human-robot interaction.

The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of the Italian National Council of Research (CNR) will use their previously owned TIAGo robot. ISTC-CNR’s expertise in learning and motivation will be boosted by using the robot, helping them make significant contributions to the PILLAR-Robots project.

This delivery is a major milestone for the PILLAR-Robots project. The consortium is eager to see the innovative solutions and research outcomes that will come from our partners’ work with the TIAGo robots, leading the way to new advances in robotics and artificial intelligence.

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