PILLAR-Robots: Revolutionizing Work and Learning with Purposeful, Intrinsically Motivated Robots

Are you involved in edutainment, post-harvest or general industrial activities? If the answer is yes, the PILLAR-Robots project is for you. The project aims to develop a new generation of robots, called PILLAR-Robots, with a purpose. Even if you are not a programmer or robotics expert, you can easily adapt the PILLAR-Robot to your needs to perform your business tasks more efficiently and flexibly. 

Based on the mechanisms of Intrinsically Motivated Open Learning, PILLAR-Robots can perform new tasks or improve existing ones. The technology of the PILLAR-Robots project has the potential to revolutionise the way we work and learn. Together, we can improve these robots and use them in three specific areas:

Post-harvest fruit and vegetables: The PILLAR-Robots will package and pack fruit and vegetables. They can sort fruits and vegetables of different varieties and qualities and adapt to different packaging solutions. With your help, it is possible to develop robots whose use can bring valuable benefits:

  •  Improved product quality: robots can select fruits and vegetables at the right point of ripeness, ensuring maximum product quality;
  • Increased efficiency: robots can work 24/7 without breaking or resting. This reduces packaging time and improves productivity;
  • Improved safety: robots reduce the risk of accidents for human operators.

Industrial activities: PILLAR robots can help workers during industrial activities, making processes more efficient and safer. The worker can easily vary the robot’s activity to perform different tasks, collaborating with the robot or letting it act autonomously. The benefits that the introduction of PILLAR robots can bring to this type of activity are numerous:

  •  Performing repetitive and dangerous tasks: freeing up human operators for more creative and strategic activities;
  • Adapt to different tasks and situations: reducing the need for operator training;
  • Collaborating with human operators: increasing productivity and safety.

Edutainment: PILLAR-Robots can be used in education and entertainment to make learning more engaging and fun. They can be used as guides in museums or schools, providing information and insights in an interactive and engaging way. The benefits of using robots for edutainment are many:

  • Better engagement: robots can capture students’ attention and keep it high during learning;
  • Better understanding: robots can help students and museum visitors to understand complex concepts better;
  • Better motivation: robots can motivate students to learn and engage in learning;
  • For teachers: robots can help teachers personalise learning and engage students.

We collaborate to develop robots that meet the real needs of your business. Together, we can create a technological future in which you are the protagonist. Together we can:

  • Share our knowledge and experience; 
  • Collaborate to develop tailor-made solutions for you;
  • Build a common language that enables the introduction of PILLAR-Robots in your company. 

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