Sister Projects Meeting at ERF2024

The inaugural meeting with sister projects at ERF2024 marked a pivotal moment in fostering collaboration and synergy among leading robotics initiatives. Marco Rosa representing AGIMUS, Ricardo Sanz representing CORESENSE, Lorenzo Natale representing CONVINCE, Gianluca Palli representing INTELLIMAN, Stephane Doncieux, and Richard Duro representing PILLAR-Robots, were among the representatives from nine projects who convened in Rimini, Italy. Discussions centered on introducing each project, identifying common goals, and exploring avenues for joint action. Participants recognized the rich potential for cooperation, evidenced by the diverse range of use-cases and shared interests across projects. From exchanging communication tools to organizing joint workshops and authoring collaborative papers, the meeting set a strong foundation for future partnership.

Looking ahead, the momentum generated at ERF2024 propels these projects towards a future of collective innovation and impact. Immediate actions, including the creation of a shared repository and communication channels, underscore the commitment to tangible progress. Embracing a spirit of continuous dialogue, plans are underway for regular online discussions, complemented by annual meetings at future ERFs. Moreover, the prospect of convening at ADRA meetings in November reflects a dedication to sustained engagement and collaboration beyond the confines of individual projects. Together, these initiatives signify a bold step forward in shaping the future of robotics through collaboration, creativity, and shared vision.

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